2015_Pic_Raghu_PuchaRaghu Pucha obtained his PhD in 1995 from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. He held post-doctoral research positions at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore and Purdue University, West Lafayette before coming to Georgia Tech in 2000. His research focuses on  developing upfront computational tools for the design, analysis and manufacturing of advanced materials and systems for various applications. His current research includes developing Integrated Analytical, CAD/CAE Tools (IntACT)) for design, analysis and manufacturing of random heterogeneous materials for structural, electronics and bio applications. His research contributions in composite materials include (i) Special purpose finite elements for design and delamination failure analysis of fiber reinforced laminated composites (ii) Microstructure simulations for impact damage analysis of composites  (iii) Design, analysis and optimization tools for advanced composites in electronics applications (iv) Seamlessly integrated CAD/CAE tools for nanofiller composites.

Dr. Pucha teaches computer graphics, CAD/CAE and design courses. He is honored with Geoffrey G. Eichholz Faculty Teaching Award in 2015 and Undergraduate Educator Award in 2012 from the Center for Enhancement of Teaching and Learning (CETL), Georgia Tech.



Current Undergraduate Research Students
Wonsup Song, Vikram Krishnaswamy, Miles Chan, Robert Ashcom, Rebecca Withers, Walter Scott, Kwon Sang Lee, Yash Gore

Past Students
Bryson Sin (Summer 2015), Kristin Hansen (Spring 2014), Hannah Littmann (Spring 2014), Patrick Younes (Spring and Fall 2014), Yue Chu (Summer and Fall 2014), Maegan Tucker (Summer 2014), Moriah Mattson (Summer 2014), Thomas Ming (Summer and Fall 2014), Amit Agarwal (Summer 2014), Dominic Critchlow (Summer 2014), Alejandro Boxill (Fall 2014), Rahul Dungarwal (Fall 2014), Izaak Lakhia (Fall 2014), Scott Wagner (Fall 2014), Dhruv Mehta, Summer 2013; John Hooie, Summer 2013; Hannah Littman, Summer 2013; Joshua Price, Summer 2013; Shadi Renno, Fall 2013; Kristin Hansen, Fall 2013; Johnny Worthy: Summer 2011 – Spring 2013; Ravi Haskar: Spring 2013; Davis Hoffman: Spring 2013; Joshua Price: Fall 2012; Prakar Srivatsav: Fall 2012; Bob Palmer: Fall 2011 and Spring 2012; Nicole Wisner: Spring 2012; Tapan Asgoankar: Spring 2012; Panos Markou: Spring 2012; Kylie Alea: Spring 2012; Parth Jariwala, NASA Summer Fellowship – Summer 2011; Akhil Modi: Summer 2011; Alexis Noel: Spring 2011; Siddarth Gangopadhyay: Spring 2011; Akshay Saxena: Spring 2011; Ajeya Karajgikar: Spring 2010 ; Kavneet Sethi: Spring 2010, Summer 2009, Fall 2008; Sahil Batta: Fall 2009; Adnan Hannan: Summer 2009 ; Yasaman Nemat-bakhsh: Spring 2009; John Semmens: Spring 2009; Rob Parrish: Fall 2008