bubble_shipME 1770
Introduction to engineering graphics and visualization: Design ideation, sketching, solid modeling and 3D printing. Development of assemblies and interpretation of drawings and specifications for product realization. Cross-listed with AE.

1770 Projects

Pucha, R.V., and Utschig, T.T. “Learning-Centered Instruction of Engineering Graphics for Freshman Engineering Students”, Journal of STEM Education: innovations and Research , Vol.13 (4), July-Sept. 2012, pp. 87-96. View


ME 4041
Computer Graphics and CAD: Principles of geometric modeling, finite-element method, and interactive computer graphics hardware and software. CAD and CAE applications in thermal and mechanical design problems. Design projects.



Picture_3180ME 3180
Machine Design: The selection, analysis, and synthesis of springs, joining and fastening methods, bearings, shafts, gears, and other elements. Design of assemblies. Computer-based methods.

Pucha, R.V., and Utschig, T.T. “Use of Process-oriented Approaches in Content-Intensive Courses: Some Insight in Teaching / Learning of Machine Design”, 2013 ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition , Atlanta, GA. View

COE 3001
Deformable Bodies: Stress and strain analysis applied to beams, vessels, pipes, and combined loading; stress and strain transformations; beam deflection; column buckling.